About Us


PT. Trikomindo Karunia Utama (TKU) was established the year of 2000.
TKU is located at Jl. Mangga Dua Raya. Ruko Apartemen Pesona Bahari Blok R 17 (office) and Harco Electronik Mangga Dua, Block B no. 114 – 115 (showroom).

As an IT company, TKU has several divisions for supporting the work performance and our professionalism which are: Project Division, Retailer Division and Maintenance Division.

Project Division works on deploying and developing information system together with its networking system such as fiber optic network, cooper structure cabling, communication infrastructure PABX, VOIP, Access Control, finger print, server and maintenance on call service.

Retailer Division such as PC and its accessories, Finger print, CCTV, DVR, Pabx, Access Control, printer, LCD, switch, router and other network material.

Maintenance Division is an IT Outsourcing & Consultation providing maintenance contract of hardware, software and system periodically based on written agreement.

Our Clients consist of personal users and small to large corporate. TKU is not just trusted in providing hardware and software according to our clients’ needs but also building their information system and providing maintenance as well service.


  • Hardware and Software: providing hardware which includes personal computer, server, hard disk, memory, monitor , notebook, networking peripherals, and other IT accessories, and software which includes customized application (inventory, point of sales, document’s flow), Microsoft software (Windows and its application software), Antivirus, etc.
  • Network Integrator: designing and building a LAN (Local Area Network) system and WAN (Wide Area Network) system as well as configuring Server and workstation.
  • Communication Infrastructure: providing, installing and configuring PABX system (Hotel , hospital, office), VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ), Billing system and Fax machine
  • Security System Installer: Providing and installing the security device such as: IP Camera, CCTV Camera, Access Control and Other.
  • Software Development: designing a computerized management system with customization software to make the business more effective and efficient.
  • On-Site Service: providing on-site service to the client’s premises whenever possible to fix hardware or software problems.
  • IT Outsourcing & Consultation: providing maintenance contract of hardware, software and system periodically based on written agreement.
  • Fiber Optic Solution Partner: Providing professional solution for FIBER OPTIC NETWORK and supported with the Authorized Certified Engineer from the best principle/distributor cable fiber optic.
  • Data and Voice Cooper Cabling Solution: providing professional installation of data and voice cable which is supported by authorized cabling provider such as: AMP, SYSTIMAX, PANDUIT ,DATWYLER, LS Cable, KRONE, NETVIEL.